We want The Natural Health Food Center to be your natural grocery store.

We offer a wide selection of natural and organic groceries.  The staff at the Natural Health Center are always looking to bring new and exciting product lines to our aisles. We have designed our store to make your shopping with us an easy and enjoyable experience. Great signage tells you where to find your favorite items. New product samples are available daily. And our staff is here to help you find what you need.

Who says healthy eating has to be difficult?  Not us!

With over 35 doors of refrigerated and frozen items, NHC offers an abundant selection of natural and organic products.  Our cooler department carries organic milk and dairy products, vegan milks and a variety of yogurts, including vegan yogurts made from flax, coconut, almond and more.  We carry a great selection of organic and vegan cheeses.  You will also find vegetarian meats, fresh juice, kombucha, salsa, hummus, and more.

Our frozen section has both organic and vegan ice cream, novelties and desserts.  Including local products such as Gluten Free Sensations, Kind Crumbs, Ope’s, Bit Baking Company and more.  It is also stocked with organic frozen fruits and vegetables, pizzas and ready to eat meals, veggie burgers and other vegetarian meat options.  Our 5 door bread freezer has everything from organic sprouted grains, gluten free, paleo, and vegan breads.

Special Diets and Allergy Friendly

The Natural Health Center offers a variety of products to support the many different diets and lifestyles.  Are you Lactose Free?  Gluten Free?  Vegetarian or Vegan?  We have got you covered!

Stop in and let us help make your life easier.  Many NHC staff members follow special diets and are always happy to help.  To make your shopping easier we even label the items on our shelves that are gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and organic!