Our Story

Welcome to the Natural Health Center, where our goal is to do everything in our power to help YOU feel better.  This may mean helping you find just the right product, a free bag of organic popcorn when you enter our store, or just a friendly smile. We are constantly working to make your shopping experience easier.  We understand that it can be overwhelming shopping in a natural foods market.

At the NHC, we label our gluten-free,  Non-GMO, organic, vegan and local products. Our vitamin aisles are labelled to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. And don’t forget to ask about our NHC’s Buyers Club, where you can save 10%-25% off most everything in the store. The best part, we guarantee your savings. If you don’t save your investment, we refund you back the difference.

Be sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. It is the best way to find out what is happening at NHC. We keep you updated on upcoming classes, events, new products and sales!

We are proud members of INFRA, the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association. INFRA is a cooperative owned and governed by independent natural and organic food retailers working together to leverage our voice in the industry. We encourage to you visit other INFRA stores around the country. For more information visit:  www.naturalfoodretailers.net

Our History

After becoming a vegetarian, Mike Wunderlin couldn’t find the natural grocery products he was looking for. So with a business partner, he founded the NHC to provide a place where people making healthy lifestyle choices could find the products they were looking for.

In 1971 the NHC was opened in the Maple Hill Mall. In 1976, the Wunderlin family took full ownership of the business, with Mike, Kay (his wife), and Virginia Jaquays (his aunt) being equal partners. Since this time the business has moved to our present location (WestWood Plaza) and has expanded to over 9,000 square feet.

Today, Mike & Kay’s daughter, Kate, runs the family business. After 45+ years in business our size and location has changed, but our values and goals are still the same. We at the Natural Health Center are here to serve our customers, employees, suppliers, and community to the best of our ability for the highest good. Our goal is to have every person leaving our store feel better when leaving than they did on entering.