Donation Requests

Our mission of helping people feel better, needs to extend beyond our four walls. We believe that it takes a village to make a community thrive. To that end, we support organizations that are working to strengthen our Kalamazoo area community.

We want to make our community efforts personal; with that in mind, we ask that organizations interested in soliciting our support come to the store in person to drop off their donation request. This helps us put a face to the organization!

To submit a donation request:

  1. Fill out our Donation Request Form. Click here to download a form.
  2. Visit us in person at Natural Health Center any time convenient to you (we’re open M-F 9-8 and Sunday 10-5).
  3. Hand the form to a manager/team leader at Natural Health Center.

All donation requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the date the donation is needed. We will be in touch with you within a week of you dropping off the form; if you haven’t heard from us within a week, please email us. Even though we prefer to donate to organizations that serve within our immediate neighborhood, we will still review requests from other non-profits.

Want to know if your organization is eligible? Before submitting an in-person request form, please review these guidelines:

  1. We donate to non-profits (501 c3) focused on disadvantaged populations, youth and education, the arts, sustainable agriculture, and good, fair food.
  2. We focus our giving on organizations based the Southwest Michigan, working on initiatives that directly help populations in need and directly impacts or benefits our community.

Please note that we do not:

  1. Accept mailed, e-mailed or faxed donation request forms. Any donation request forms submitted in this matter will not be considered.
  2. Mail or deliver donated items. All items must be arranged for pick-up at NHC. Once you receive an email confirmation, your donation will be ready!
  3. Support third party or individual fundraisers.